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Accessories for Porsche vehicles: This is what we understand as a professional company for Tuning for Porsche all the elements that individualize your Porsche. Both the performance and the look, which we will talk about in more detail here, ensure that you will not encounter your customized Porsche a second time on the roads. We make this promise to you with our more than 28 years of experience as a specialist in high-end tuning.

Carbon as an accessory for Porsche models

The most striking thing you can change visually on your Porsche Design is the original plastic parts. Here, we replace or cover plastic surfaces with carbon. This gives your Porsche a significant boost in its elegant appearance. Its shapes are visually emphasized - and come into their own more than ever with carbon.

Porsche accessories carbon
Porsche accessories sound

Sound as an accessory

In addition to the appearance, we also count the sound to the special accessories for Porsche vehicles. By tuning exhaust and exhaust systems, we develop your special sound, with which you remain in the hearing. Set accents now that go beyond the normal measure.

Performance enhancement as an accessory

Among the invisible, but certainly noticeable accessories for Porsche models, we count the increase in power of your sports car. Horsepower figures of more than 1000 are possible, depending on your output power. We massively increase the performance of our customers' vehicles, which guarantees an individual performance experience while driving.

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Accessories for Porsche from Friedrich Performance Manufaktur

With more than 28 years of experience, the Friedrich Performance Manufaktur team is ready in the center of Germany and Europe to customize your sports car with our special accessories for Porsche models.

Contact us and discover what is possible to turn your standard Porsche into a real one-off. Well-known customers are already entrusting us with their sports cars - and together with us they continue to refine the individuality of their vehicle. We will be happy to advise you!

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