for Porsche models

Visual upgrade par excellence

Especially its characteristic shape makes the Porsche to a Classic cars. It presents itself as timelessly elegant and sporty at the same time. However, many parts - including visible parts - are used by the manufacturer as standard as plastic parts in black, which means that Porsche drivers repeatedly feel the need to make their vehicle more visually striking by using carbon parts and trim.

Under the keyword Carbon for Porsche sports car, we therefore understand the visual enhancement with this noble material, which allows extensive steps of individualization to shape your own Porsche into a sports car with its own unique character. Friedrich Performance Manufaktur is a pioneer in the development of carbon parts for Porsche models at the highest level - and to install.

What is carbon actually?

In contrast to conventional plastic, carbon (also: carbon) is a high-quality carbon fiber-reinforced plastic - i.e. a composite material whose carbon fibers are embedded in a plastic matrix. This matrix fills the gaps and connects the fibers. Carbon is used primarily in applications where high rigidity and low mass are required to reduce weight. However, the resulting higher costs are readily accepted for the sake of strength and visual effect.

Carbon is used primarily in racing, such as Formula 1, but also, for example, in ultra-modern motorcycle frames and in boat building-in other words, wherever form and stability come together in an extraordinary relationship. So there's no question that a Porsche fits in here in the most exclusive way.

What parts are available in carbon for Porsche sports cars?

We offer the following parts for Porsche models in carbon finish to guarantee the perfect appearance with the vehicle:

  • Mirror caps set
  • Tailpipes
  • Side skirts
  • Front spoiler lip
  • Air inlets
  • Rear diffuser
  • Front Wings Set

Whether with the add-on parts for the body in black (Black) or the tailpipes in black, red (Red) or another color, of course always depends on the vehicle. In this regard, we will be happy to advise you with our experience.

More than 28 years of experience with super class sports cars

Our team at Friedrich Performance Manufaktur, which emerged from the Friedrich Motorsport company, brings almost 30 years of experience in tuning sports cars - from Porsche and Lamborghini to McLaren or Ferrari.

Here on the A73 highway, we are accessible to you from anywhere in Europe. Please contact us: We will be happy to advise you in advance on the phone, in an online meeting or directly on site in the north of Bavaria.

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We have a good feeling for color, material and design. We upgrade all Porsche models. Alternatively, a titanium system can be installed for even better protection of the vehicle. This is subject to consultation. Per type and design you will find corresponding parts also in our store. More keywords: Design. Turbo. Carbon. Model interior new with carbon cladding. Sport rear original quality. New items are adapted to the real shape. Per inch. Porsche Design Turbo Carbon.