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Chiptuning for Porsche models from the specialist:
Rely on over 28 years of experience

As a high performer in our society, you expect the highest performance from your vehicle. Through targeted chip tuning, we ensure that you get this performance. And what's more: chip tuning for Porsche sports cars today is as individual as your vehicle. Because "off the shelf" is out - one hundred percent individuality is in. Friedrich Performance Manufaktur plans the individual performance plus via the chip for your Porsche, which really turns a "normal Porsche" into "your Porsche".

What is chip tuning?

Chiptuning is generally about exploiting the thermodynamic as well as the mechanical reserves of the engine, which every series internal combustion engine has. The amount of fuel to be injected into the combustion chamber and the boost pressure of the engine supercharger are increased. This tuning is implemented without the need for mechanical intervention in the unit. Structural changes to the engine are not necessary.

What does our chip tuning for Porsche vehicles look like in concrete terms?

In chip tuning, there are four phases of performance enhancement. How far we can go for you, you decide. The four phases of chip tuning for Porsche - also called chip tuning - are as follows:

  • Phase 1:
    Optimization of the maps and the boost pressure, i.e. normal chip tuning with change of the key figures of the boost pressure
  • Phase 2:
    Downpipe e.g. with 100 or 200 cell cat (instead of the standard 400 - 800 cells) and Thermo-Integral insulation with adaptation of the engine software
  • Phase 3:
    Upgrade turbocharger in exchange as well as downpipe with 100 or 200 cell cat (instead of the standard 400 - 800 cells) and Thermo-Integral insulation incl. adaptation of the software
  • Phase 4:
    Upgrade turbocharger in exchange as well as downpipe with with 100 or 200 cell cat (instead of the standard 400 - 800 cells) and Thermo-Integral insulation including adaptation of the software. Additionally, a set of Turbo Inlet Thermo-Insulated in silver with new intercoolers (for up to 50 percent cooler intake air) and Race exhaust system. (Phases 1 - 4 are not yet possible on all Porsche models).

Porsche Chiptuning GT2

Impressively shows the increase in power to 1018 hp when chiptuning a Porsche GT2

Friedrich-PM - tuning specialist for over 28 years

Friedrich Performance Manufaktur emerged from the company Friedrich Motorsport. Since the beginning, our goal has been not only to tune cars and sports cars visually, but also to massively increase performance. After all, our customers are themselves top performers in well-known companies - and in turn expect performance from their vehicle's engine. It's always about us and our customers to get massively more power out through targeted tuning and to bring the optics to the very highest level.

When it comes to performance enhancement - from chip tuning to many other forms of tuning - the range is huge, especially for the sports models. And we throw our entire know-how into the balance for our customers, in order to create a tuning Porsche model for you as well, which you shape 100 percent according to your ideas. In addition, we work closely with renowned partners whose expertise in engine performance enhancement we have already been using for many years.

Pick-up and delivery service for our customers

The Friedrich Performance Manufaktur has virtually its own highway exit. This means that you can reach us in no time from all corners of Germany - and Europe - via the A73 between Nuremberg and Erfurt. If you wish, we can also offer you our pick-up and delivery service to take the pressure off you. Just contact us: We will be happy to advise you in advance, without obligation, on how to improve the performance of your sports car.

The following note must be observed from an insurance point of view

The installation of the software/additional electronics (chip tuning) leads in Germany according to § 19 Abs. 3 S. 1 Nr. 4 c StVZO to the fact that the operating license for the vehicle expires, if the installation of the chip is not immediately accepted by an officially recognized expert and a confirmation according to § 22 Abs. 1 S. 5 StVZO is given. The operation of a motor vehicle on public roads in Germany without an operating license in accordance with § 3 of the Compulsory Insurance Act (Pflichtversicherungsgesetz) means that the liability insurance company is not obliged to pay benefits in the event of a claim. Operating a motor vehicle on public roads in Germany without sufficient insurance coverage is a criminal offense. The installation of the software/additional electronics (chip tuning) leads to the fact that the warranty claims against the seller as well as the warranty claims against the manufacturer for the parts affected by the chip tuning may be void. The installation of a chip tuning can lead to the loss of insurance coverage. This must be clarified in detail with the insurance company.

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