Conversion Porsche vehicles

by specialists known throughout Europe

On the subject of conversion Porsche vehicles from the specialist, you have the guarantee that you are not driving a "Porsche off the rack". This gets you away from the usual design and away from standard performance. Because as a Porsche driver, you are one of the top performers in society - and you would also like to show off and enjoy the status you have achieved.

Depending on the Porsche model, we offer an individual conversion - with more than 28 years of experience. In the middle of Germany. Perfectly connected in terms of transport.

Conversion Porsche exhaust

The four pillars in the conversion of Porsche models - for a vehicle de luxe

Basically, we divide the professional conversion into four areas. Each one turns a Porsche into your individual Porsche:

  • Performance enhancement (incl. chip tuning)
    Experience a huge boost in your horsepower numbers. For some models, we even achieve a massive increase in performance!
  • Aerodynamics
    The aerodynamics should not only convince functionally, but also visually. We are happy to develop your personal style.
  • Exhaust systems
    The significant reduction in the number of cells in the catalytic converter creates an enormous effect in the downpipes - and also gives you more boost.
  • Visual enhancement through carbon
    Under the motto "carbon instead of plastic", we replace or cover the original plastic parts from Porsche to get even more out of your sports car visually.

Conversion Porsche vehicles - individual from model to model

However, our four pillars merely form an overarching bracket when converting a Porsche. What is possible is always decided from model to model. At Porsche, we bring many years of experience from working on models such as the 911 with the 991, 992, 996, 997 or GT2, GT2 RS and GT3, GT3 RS and many more.

The Friedrich PM team is ready for your pit stop!

Contact us and plan with us: Together we will evaluate your Porsche and sound out what is "possible". And we can already say: You will experience your Porsche in a new way after it bears your own signature. Our team is ready for your pit stop. Contact us!

Start anticipation now!

You are enthusiastic and want to design your Porsche with carbon,
improve its sound and massively increase its performance?
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Work and installation on car engine & Co. - depending on the type. Starting with the Porsche 911, it goes on to the most modern models such as GT2 RS, GT3 RS or GT4. From vehicle to vehicle, the customization options are individual. Data protection is guaranteed in the sense of GDPR noted. We will be happy to give you information on the way of tuning. We always keep an eye on new models from Porsche in terms of shape and performance. We use our Carbon for Porsche Vehicles we individualize directly for the vehicles or automobiles. Modification on the engine, technology and body is possible not only on the Porsche 718 or 911, but on a wide range of models - not only Porsche 911. Our company is more than 28 years old. We work with experience.