Porsche for Bamberg -

Your specialist at the gates of the city

When it comes to Porsche for Bamberg, there is a large, reputable dealer where you can purchase new vehicles. However, as soon as you are interested in high quality Tuning for Porsche vehicles, Friedrich Performance Manufaktur comes into play.

At the gates of the city of Bamberg, we are ready for your Porsche in Lichtenfels to upgrade it individually, both in terms of performance and appearance.

Porsche tuning for Bamberg -
we show what works

From the massive increase in horsepower numbers to the use of Carbon for Porsche instead of plastic, we offer you a wide range of options that will make your Porsche completely unique. Basically, tuning is about improving performance, exhaust systems, appearance and aerodynamics.

The full range of tuning

Our measures include the following areas:

  • Exhaust systems
  • Downpipes
  • Aerodynamics
  • Carbon instead of plastic
  • Performance enhancement (also chip tuning)
  • and much more ...

100 percent your Porsche

Simply buying a Porsche has long been too little for many Porsche drivers. Anyone who invests a lot in a new sports car is a lover of the brand that he or she drives with passion - and lives. There is therefore no question that the topic of tuning after a purchase is also much in demand in Bamberg.

Performance upgrades, for example from 600 to 1,100 hp, fit perfectly into the picture. But the visual appearance of your Porsche should also emphasize individuality: For example, we replace plastic parts with carbon, which always delights not only Porsche drivers themselves.

Porsche for Bamberg

Porsche and Bamberg - they go together: World cultural heritage meets cutting-edge technology

Tuning Porsche for Bamberg -
that fits together

Bamberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a city where tradition meets modernity - a city with style that is known far beyond the region. That is why there is a high volume of tourism every year, with over 750,000 overnight stays per year. Not only are there many antique dealers in Bamberg, Bamberg is also mobile - if only because of its location on two highways. The automotive supplier industry, among others, has strong locations here, and numerous car dealers serve nearly 100,000 customers, if you include the communities around the city. Of course, Porsche fits perfectly into the picture. Porsche tuning for Bamberg from Lichtenfels means for us to upgrade the vehicles of passionate Porsche drivers in an extraordinary way.

Already tuning specialist for nearly 30 years

Friedrich Performance Manufaktur puts more than 28 years on the line to tune not only Porsche but also the McLaren, Lamborghini and Ferrari brands in terms of both performance and looks. We are trusted by renowned customers from Germany, Europe - but also from overseas. In a first consultation we sound out your ideas together and show you what is possible today in the tuning area. Let us surprise and inspire you!

Start anticipation now!

You are enthusiastic and want to upgrade your sports car with carbon,
improve its sound and massively increase its performance?
Then please contact us at: Tel. 09571 9499-15
or via e-mail: info@friedrich-pm.com

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We tune many models in optical form and performance. The original data and latest information from the manufacturer are observed by us. In the consultation we give you comprehensive information about tuning.