Create special models Porsche

for 100 percent individuality

Create special models Porsche - with limited edition to one copy.

Not all Porsches are the same: that goes without saying. And whichever model you have chosen. We create individual special Porsche models for you with customized visual upgrades - and an extraordinary performance plus.

Set through our Tuning for Porsche vehicles to 100 percent individuality and you will drive a Porsche like no other. At Friedrich Performance Manufaktur, we will be happy to advise you on your Porsche model.

Special models Porsche - by upgrading to a unique specimen

As soon as a new Porsche is on the market, we analyze its forms and performance. Unlike an edition created by the manufacturer itself, which is usually limited to a small number of vehicles, we provide our customers with quite extraordinary highlights. And we do this in two main ways:

Design upgrade (optics)

Carbon optics

The Porsche 992 GT3, for example, is the latest "racehorse" from the Zuffenhausen-based manufacturer. We analyzed its molded plastic parts and created new carbon trim for it. From the mirror flaps to the front spoiler lip and the aerodynamic attachments, we have created our own carbon parts with which we can significantly enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Performance upgrade (exhaust systems)

Porsche special models exhaust system

It's not just looks that count when it comes to customization, but performance. To make your Porsche unique, it is of course not only optics that count, but also performance. Horsepower figures that are massively increased are not uncommon in our Performance Manufaktur. Whether with improvements to the downpipes or also through Chiptuning for Porsche Sports car: Get ready for a real powerhouse.

Your exclusive manufactory specialized for Porsche models in the middle of Germany

Based on the initial standard Porsche models, we have been creating real character vehicles per model - be it the 911 Turbo Edition or the aforementioned GT3 - for many years. In fact, we bring 28 years of experience with top-class sports cars.

These represent their owners in an extraordinary way through their equipment, design and sports engine. Contact us if you also want to make something very special out of your Porsche. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on your model in advance - with all the upgrades that are possible.

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