Friedrich Performance for the BMW M3 / M4

BMW M3 Competition - The sports car icon from Bavaria

With its outstanding performance and character, the BMW M3 is something like the fixed star of Bavarian sports car culture.

Admittedly, the monstrous grille, the mighty diffuser and the already standard large exhaust tailpipes are not for purists.

A BMW M3 is not only at home on the road but also on the race track. A beast and yet somehow one for everything.

As standard, the M3 starts with a six-speed manual transmission, 480 hp and 550 Nm. The Competition models have 510 hp with 650 Nm.

If Friedrich Performance Manufaktur has its way, the BMW M3 can still have a little more power and sound.

To achieve this, the exhaust system manufacturer from Franconia has developed a rear silencer specially optimized for the M3 Competition and a specially developed

downpipe to which a particulate filter replacement pipe with a 100- or 200-cell sport cat. connects, a selection of performance-enhancing modifications in the program.






For the BMW M3

Exhaust systems


For the BMW M3