for Mercedes models

With 585 hp from its V8 bitubro, the G 63 from AMG is a real powerhouse by design and thus the superlative among the G-Class models.
The Daimler developers have managed to rescue the G 63 into today's world and garnish it with all kinds of modern features.
So what this powerhouse does very well, and like hardly any other car, is attract lots of attention.
However, what already seems like the optimum can be optimised once again.

Friedrich's starting point is first and foremost the exhaust system of the G 63, which can be used to emphatically perfect the performance of the vehicle.
The flap-controlled performance-optimised 76mm duplex exhaust system made of stainless steel by Friedrich Performance Manufaktur not only gives the 8-cylinder more power and torque, but also a breathtaking sound.