for Porsche models

Tuning for Porsche vehicles

Friedrich Performance Manufaktur is there precisely for Porsche lovers who want to imbue their iconic sports car with more power through a wide variety of individual measures. For nearly 20 years, our outstanding team - made up of highly trained, enthusiastic experts - has been known to inject more heart and power into your Porsche, both in terms of performance and aesthetics. Our specialized tuning for Porsche models will brutally change the power delivery of your Porsche if desired.

Everything for your individual tuning for your Porsche model

Your Friedrich Performance Manufaktur will assist you with engine conversions to increase performance, with complete conversions, and with the optimisation of your exhaust system in terms of performance and/or sound. But we are also there for the Porsches of the first days that you want to build up in style.

Advice and service on site

You can rely on our experienced workshop team for tuning Porsche vehicles. Since the beginning, we rely on the fact that their individual wishes can also be discussed and adapted on site. Sound, performance and aesthetics are always in the foreground. Be there when "it" happens.


Stainless steel!

As a specialist in the manufacture of modern stainless steel sports exhaust systems, we are in permanent contact with racing professionals. This know-how flows directly into our development of reliable, high-performance drives.

Promised: More power with tuning suitable for Porsche vehicles!

You would like to use our tuning for your Porsche model? You would like to see your Porsche represented more individually and can also imagine to increase the engine power massively? The Friedrich Performance Manufaktur recommends itself with all its experts and will advise you - already on the phone - sympathetic and competent: 09571/9499-15.

Design elements in carbon

You want to change the design of your Porsche model? Maybe you already know our carbon program, with which you can refine your sports car into a real street racing look? Call us and you will find out immediately when you can equip your Porsche with carbon: 09571/9499-15.

We want you to quickly find this page on tuning for Porsche vehicles

Firstly, because we are a living brand in the tuning market. Secondly, because we push individual customisation. Thirdly, because we like more power and less drag. Since the beginning, we have stood for the best quality. After all, you rely on perfect execution of your individual wishes.



Tuning for Porsche vehicles - Tuning from Friedrich Performance Manufaktur

Since the start of the Friedrich Group, we have been known for enormous performance improvements. Especially with bolides, i.e. large-volume racing and road vehicles, we stand out with individual solutions.

Start anticipation now!

You are enthusiastic and would like to upgrade your Porsche with carbon,
improve its sound and massively increase its performance?
Then please contact us at: Tel. 09571 9499-15
or via e-mail: info@friedrich-pm.com

In dialogue with tuning for Porsche models from Friedrich Performance Manufaktur

Anyone who deals with high-quality vehicles should also be an expert in the tuning segment. For 20 years already, we have expanded the necessary know-how and continue to expand it every day.

Visit us directly if you want to optimize your exhaust system or even use a high-performance sports exhaust system. Of course, we have a high-quality network of specialists who can also perform this service locally. With our pronounced recommendations we assure that these companies are also equipped accordingly. You will receive more information about this gladly and competently in an information interview: 09571/ 9499-15.

Complete assembly adHoc

You can well imagine that our team looks forward to every conversion. So ask for an appointment when you have decided on an FPM system. If you wish, you can watch the installation live with us.

Aesthetic tuning for Porsche models

The driving performance of your sports car results to 40% from the aerodynamics. The challenge here is to increase downforce and not negatively influence air resistance.

Optical add-on parts from Friedrich Performance Manufaktur enhance the aesthetics and improve the driving characteristics. With regard to fuel consumption, we also report positive effects.

Invisible transport

You would like to have your sports car delivered "invisibly"? With our special vehicles we guarantee opacity and anonymity.

The following hints and terms will help you to find us more easily via Google & Co: You would like to have your sports car delivered "invisibly"? With our special vehicles, we guarantee opacity and anonymity.

We create a sport engine for your model starting with 911. Software tuning included. Your sport vehicle becomes highly individual. This applies to many car or Porsche models. Since fall 2021 new parts from Carbon for Porsche Vehicles available.