Engine tuning for Porsche sports car

for maximum performance enhancement

Engine tuning for Porsche sports cars at its best -
with massive performance increase

If you are a Porsche driver, you place the highest value on the performance of your vehicle. Engine tuning for Porsche sports cars to increase performance therefore quickly becomes an issue if you want to stand out from the crowd.

In the following we present you the possibilities of engine tuning for Porsche vehicles, which Friedrich Performance Manufaktur offers you on the highest level.

Exhaust system for performance enhancement

Porsche engine tuning downpipes

Forcing the exhaust systems for more power is a main part of the engine tuning. Here we use selected sports catalytic converters. Here, a reduced number of catalytic converter cells in the downpipes generates an enormous plus in thrust.

Chiptuning directly via the software

Porsche engine tuning chip tuning

The Chiptuning for Porsche vehicles in turn starts in the area of software: Here we achieve the increase in performance through individual, professional software settings (called chiptuning), which spur "the mindset" of your Porsche to peak performance, sometimes to an unimagined extent.

Experienced in performance improvement

Increasing performance through tuning has not only been our daily craft for many years. Engine tuning for Porsche sports cars is our real passion. The Friedrich Performance Manufaktur team lives fully in the subject of performance, which concerns the highest quality sports car models such as Porsche, Ferrari, McLarren and Lamborghini. We are happy to use our cumulative expertise to shape your "off the shelf" Porsche into a custom top-of-the-line model.

Porsche drivers are among the top performers in our society. This means that you deserve to show off what you have achieved and make a high-performance appearance. With an individual Porsche, in which you see your performance realized through tuning, nothing stands in the way. Rely on high-quality engine tuning for Porsche sports cars to turn your dream into reality - and simply contact us!

Start anticipation now!

You are enthusiastic and want to design your Porsche with carbon,
improve its sound and massively increase its performance?
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